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IHC rubbishes ‘contemptuous’ social media campaign against Justice Babar Sattar

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The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued a statement condemning the false, malicious, and contemptuous social media campaign against Justice Babar Sattar. The judge has never had any nationality other than that of Pakistan, and his confidential information, including travel documents of Sattar, his wife, and kids, has been posted and shared on social media platforms. This campaign is a direct violation of ethical and legal norms, and it has crossed the line by making false and malignant allegations.

The IHC official further clarified that Justice Babar Sattar’s properties, whether in the US or Pakistan, were either inherited or bought while he was a lawyer, and they were registered in the tax returns. He bought no property since he became the judge. Before being appointed a judge of the IHC, he had reported to the IHC chief justice that he was a Pakistani national and had a green card that allowed him to travel to the US without a visa. As per the IHC statement, the judge’s mother was an educationist who established a school in Rawalpindi in 1992 as its sole proprietor. While Sattar had no ownership interest in it and was neither involved with its management.

The IHC official also clarified that Justice Babar Sattar’s wife and children are citizens of Pakistan and the US, and they were living in the US till 2021, but returned to Pakistan after Justice Babar Sattar was appointed as a judge of the IHC and now live in Islamabad. It is crucial to note that as a judge, he has not presided over any case wherein any of his family members had any interest.

The IHC is committed to upholding and enforcing the code of conduct for judges of the high court, and as an institution exercising public authority, it remains accountable to the people of Pakistan. We must put an end to this false and malicious social media campaign against Justice Babar Sattar and respect the judicial process in Pakistan.

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