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IK vows to come into Power with a two-thirds Majority

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The former Prime Minister and the former ruling party’s senior leadership discussed the country’s current political situation. The meeting also decided that hundreds of thousands of people will descend on Pindi by Nov 26 to demand free and fair elections to save Pakistan from “bankruptcy”.

Leadership informed the Chairman that the PTI supporters from across the country would start reaching Rawalpindi by Nov 25 evening and gather at a “tent city” being established at Allama Iqbal Park on Murree Road, having the capacity to accommodate at least 40,000 people. Imran Khan, who has been building strength following the gun attack that injured him, asserted that he would welcome the marchers in Pindi and reiterate his demand for polls. IK will also give his next strategy for the peaceful protest during his address in Rawalpindi.

PTI chairman has reiterated his demand for snap elections. He has further asserted that his party shall come into power after the next elections. IK attributes that transparent and immediate election is critical for the democracy and betterment of the country.

We will come into power. The former prime minister said we do not need to run an election campaign, addressing a seminar via video link.
“Unless transparent elections do not take place, there will be no political stability in the country,” the former prime minister said. He further highlighted that nothing is achievable without a two-thirds majority in the parliament and that a government with a “heavy majority” is inevitable for the success of policies.

The PTI chief restated his view on the country’s economic challenges and the lack of the rule of law.
“Solutions to economic problems depend upon the rule of law,” Khan said, insisting on establishing the rule of law as it brings progress.

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