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IMF: economic team leaves for Washington

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Pakistan’s economic team, led by Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb, left for Washington on Sunday to hold talks with (IMF) on a new bailout programme.
This week, Pakistan and the IMF are poised to engage in talks of paramount importance in Washington. The government team will be seeking the Fund’s crucial approval of a new loan programme, a decision that could significantly shape the nation’s economic trajectory.
From April 17-19, a series of high-level ministerial meetings and events are set to take place. The Finance Minister and his team have a packed schedule, including bilateral meetings with the heads of the IMF and the World Bank, as well as other senior officials of various international financial institutions. They will also hold crucial bilateral meetings with the finance ministers of friendly countries, such as China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Turkiye, who are attending the annual event.
In a recent press conference, Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb stated that the government will hold a meeting with the IMF in Washington to discuss the features of the new bailout programme. He said that the government plans to enter into a major programme with the IMF that will ensure microeconomic stability.

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