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Imran Khan amasses political advantage

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Former Prime Minister has started gathering bigger crowds in the main heartland of PML (N) stronghold. Even, in the last elections held in 2018, the so called GT road was won over by the PML (N). This is the last pocket of electoral politics where PTI was lagging behind. Most of the critics argue that the March may not propel the Federal Government to call in an early elections. However, irrespective of the argument, it is crystal clear that IK has started penetrating in the conventional political electioneering. As, politicians take breathe from the political support, so the gatherings are revitalizing not only the stature of IK but also strengthening the political organization of the PTI.

Seemingly, according to Political Pundits , it is a matter of time for IK to regain the office of Premiership if things only move as per plans.

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