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Israel strikes Gaza after rocket fired from enclave

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GAZA CITY: The Israeli air force said it had carried out overnight air strikes against sites of the movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip after it alleged that a rocket was fired from the Palestinian enclave towards Israeli territory.

The Israeli army reported on Saturday evening a rocket had been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, the first in a month. The attack came as one of Gaza’s larger armed factions, threatened to retaliate after Israeli troops killed two of its leaders in the West Bank town of Jenin on Thursday.

“In response to the rocket fired toward Israeli territory, IDF fighter jets targeted overnight (Sunday) a weapons manufacturing site belonging to the Hamas terrorist organisation,” the Israeli army said in a statement. The target was a site “where the majority of the organisation’s rockets in the Gaza Strip are being manufactured”, it said. Israel Defense Forces also hit “a Hamas terrorist tunnel in the Southern Gaza Strip”, it said. The army said a few hours later it had targeted a Hamas military post in response to fire from the Gaza Strip against Israeli warplanes.

A surge in bloodshed in the occupied West Bank has sparked international criticism of the Israeli army for its use of lethal force against Palestinian civilians.

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