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Julian Assange Granted Full Appeal Over Extradition to United States

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been granted permission to proceed with a full appeal over his potential extradition to the United States. This decision was made following Assange’s argument at London’s High Court that he might not be able to rely on his right to free speech at a US trial.

The High Court judges have given Assange leave to pursue a full appeal, allowing him to present his argument that he could face discrimination as a foreign national, given his Australian background. This development follows 13 years of legal battles and represents a crucial ruling in Assange’s ongoing extradition case.

Ahead of this key decision, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the court to show their support for Assange. The ruling was met with relief and optimism by Assange’s wife, Stella, who stated that it marks a turning point in their struggle and expressed hope for Assange’s freedom.

Assange’s legal team has raised concerns about the assurances provided by US prosecutors regarding his rights and protections under the First Amendment. They argue that these assurances are insufficient and should not be accepted, as a US court would not be bound by them.

In response to the ruling, human rights monitor Amnesty International emphasized the significance of this decision for press freedom. The organization criticized the USA’s attempts to prosecute Assange, stating that it puts media freedom at risk worldwide and undermines the country’s obligations under international law.

The US has asserted that its First Amendment assurance is adequate and that Assange would not be discriminated against based on his nationality in any US trial or hearing. This case has drawn attention from both domestic and international stakeholders, with calls for US President Joe Biden to reconsider the case, which was initiated under his predecessor, Donald Trump.

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