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Karachi Bans Kite Flying Due to Dangerous Strings

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The Karachi Commissioner has banned the sale and flying of kites across the city in response to a number of injuries caused by loose kite strings. This temporary ban, enforced under Section 144 CrPC, will be in effect from March 30th to May 29th.

The decision comes amid growing concerns about the use of metal strings in kite flying, which can cause serious and potentially fatal injuries. The Commissioner highlighted the dangers these strings pose to the safety of Karachi residents.

Recent incidents have underscored the need for this action. A young man on a motorbike was hospitalized in Azizabad after becoming entangled in a loose kite string. Another minor boy suffered similar injuries while riding with his father.

These events are not isolated. The Punjab government has also launched a crackdown on kite flying following the death of a young man in Faisalabad caused by a loose string. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz ordered a ban on the production, sale, and purchase of chemicals used to make these dangerous strings. In a separate incident, a Punjab police officer was arrested for allegedly taking bribes from chemical kite string manufacturers.

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