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King Charles quakes at Prince Harry’s bookish bombs

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The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has reportedly left his father King Charles in a quandary with the suggestion of publishing another literary piece, following the success of “Spare.”

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Prince Harry hinted at the possibility of releasing a follow-up tome. Royal biographer Tom Bower weighed in, telling the Globe that Prince Harry’s statement was a disguised warning to let out more royal secrets.

Bower went on to say that King Charles is “petrified” that Prince Harry might spill the beans on his troubled marriage to Princess Diana in his next book, which is “the last thing he wants.”

The King reportedly dreads that Prince Harry might reveal how he “shattered” Princess Diana’s heart with his “callous demeanor” in the forthcoming publication.

Although Prince Harry’s explosive memoir “Spare” hit the shelves on January 10th, the Duke has yet to make an official announcement regarding his next book.

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