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LHC gives IGP Punjab till Monday to produce Imran Riaz

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The Lahore High Court (LHC) gave a request to the Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr Usman Anwar, on Saturday to produce ‘missing’ anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan by Monday.

The matter was heard by LHC Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti, who remarked that it was time for the proceeding to come to its “logical end”.

During the proceedings, the IGP and the superintendent of Sialkot jail appeared to hold each other responsible for the lack of security outside the prison. When the court ordered to play the video clip, CJ Bhatti noted that as the anchorperson came out of the jail, there was no security present outside.

The jail superintendent maintained that the area outside the Sialkot jail came under the Punjab police’s jurisdiction, whereas his team was responsible for the inside. However, when IGP Anwar was questioned, he asked if the jail authority could produce any letter proving that security was requested from the Punjab police. The IGP argued that police officials are normally deployed at the request of jail authorities.

On a query about the police’s progress, the IGP updated the court on what the police had done and wanted to do next. The IGP’s arguments were similar to those he gave during proceedings held on May 19 – a day earlier.

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