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Memo sparks fears of US-China showdown

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The leader of the US Air Force, General Mike Minihan, recently expressed his personal apprehension in a memo addressed to the top brass of the Air Mobility Command. In the memo, he stated that his intuition suggested a likelihood of conflict with China in the near future, specifically in the year 2025.

Despite these statements, officials from the Pentagon emphasized that the general’s views do not align with the official military assessments and projections of the US. The memo, dated February 1st, was disseminated last Friday.

General Minihan’s remarks reflect growing concerns within the highest echelons of the US military about the possibility of China’s attempt to assert control over Taiwan, which China considers a part of its territory. With both the US and Taiwan set to hold presidential elections in 2024, there may be a window of opportunity for China to launch a military intervention, as noted by General Minihan in his memo.

A defense official from the US commented that these remarks do not reflect the stance of the department regarding China.

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