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Mianwali heroes halt terrorist plot

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The District Police Chief in Mianwali, Muhammad Naveed, reported that a group of 15 to 20 armed militants attempted to storm the Makarwal police station, but were successfully fended off by law enforcement.

This act of terrorism follows closely on the heels of a devastating bombing at a mosque within the Police Lines in Peshawar, which claimed over 100 lives just a couple of days prior.

According to the DPO, a number of the attackers were injured in the crossfire with police officers and made their escape with their wounded companions.

Thankfully, all police officers on the scene emerged unscathed from the attack. A security perimeter was established around the area and a search operation was promptly launched.

In the wake of the attack, heightened security measures have been implemented in other cities across Punjab, including Multan and the Sargodha district as a whole.

Police have ramped up security at the city’s points of entry and exit, and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif praised the bravery of the Punjab police in repelling the attack. He announced that rewards will be distributed to the officers who played a role in thwarting the terrorists.

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