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Microsoft unlocks new possibilities with ChatGPT integration

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On Monday, Microsoft incorporated the technology behind ChatGPT into its Power Platform, enabling users to create applications with minimal or no coding. This marks the latest use of artificial intelligence in the company’s products.

Large technology firms, from Alphabet to Baidu, are quickly integrating generative AI technology into their offerings. This technology has gained popularity for its ability to generate human-like text responses to queries.

Microsoft announced that it has updated Power Virtual Agent and AI Builder, which are part of its line of business intelligence and app-development tools in Power Platform, with the latest capabilities.

Power Virtual Agent, which allows companies to build chatbots, can now connect to internal resources to generate summaries of weekly reports and customer queries.

Moreover, Microsoft has incorporated generative AI capabilities into AI Builder, allowing companies to automate workflows. Additionally, it has launched a new version of its business management platform, Dynamics 365, based on this technology.

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