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Miller’s pick: Babar Azam’s cover drive reigns supreme

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South African cricketer David Miller has revealed his preference for Babar Azam’s cover drive over Indian cricketing superstar Virat Kohli’s. Both Babar and Kohli are known for their impressive batting skills and technique, with fans and experts constantly debating who is the better batter. When asked to choose between the two players’ cover drives, Miller confidently picked Babar’s as his favourite.

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Miller, who is currently playing for the Gujrat Titans in the Indian Premier League, shared his thoughts in an interview with a private news agency. The debate over the two players’ cover drives has been ongoing, with former England captain Nasser Hussain also recently stating his preference for Babar’s over Kohli’s.

He confidently picked Babar Azam’s, citing the Pakistani batsman’s “lovely little [touch]” as the deciding factor. Former England captain Nasser Hussain has also made a similar claim, rating Babar’s cover drive ahead of Kohli’s.

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