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“Minister for Commerce Assures Support for Foreign Businesses During Meeting with Republic of Korea’s Ambassador”

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During a meeting with the Republic of Korea’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Park Kijun, Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan, affirmed the government’s commitment to promptly address any issues faced by foreign businesses to ensure their smooth and efficient operations in Pakistan. The meeting took place in Islamabad, where the Minister highlighted the Prime Minister’s strong focus on improving business connectivity and simplifying the business processes in the country.

Minister Jam Kamal Khan stressed the government’s dedication to enhancing business connectivity and streamlining the process of doing business in Pakistan, emphasizing that these efforts are among the Prime Minister’s top priorities. Additionally, he encouraged Korean companies to consider investing in strategic projects and key sectors in Pakistan, such as energy, port and shipping, fisheries, and agriculture.

In response, Ambassador Park Kijun expressed a keen interest in collaborating closely with Pakistan to boost trade volumes and explore new business opportunities. The Ambassador’s desire to strengthen trade ties and foster business partnerships reflects a positive outlook on the potential for increased economic cooperation between the Republic of Korea and Pakistan.

The exchange between Minister Jam Kamal Khan and Ambassador Park Kijun underscores the mutual willingness of both countries to further economic cooperation and create an environment conducive to foreign investment. This dialogue signals a proactive approach by the Pakistani government to engage with foreign partners and facilitate opportunities for business growth and collaboration.

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