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Mohsin Baig’s picture with Gen Asim Munir leaves PTI supporters concerned.

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PTI supporters were left worried after some journalists and vloggers known for their association with Imran Khan’s party shared a picture of new army chief General Asim Munir with journalist Mohsin Baig.

Mohsin Baig, a former aide to former prime minister Imran Khan, is known for his criticism of the PTI chairman since he was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The undated picture of Mohsin Baig and Asim Munir was circulated online hours after the former ISI chief was appointed the next army chief.

The PTI welcomed his appointment and expressed the hope that he would pave the way for early elections.

Several journalists said that there is nothing unusual and anything to worry about the viral picture since Mohsin Baig is a journalist who often meets and takes photos with powerful men in Pakistan.

They said that only a few months ago Mohsin Baig was known as Imran Khan’s friend but that doesn’t make the former cricket hero a bad guy.

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