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More than 40 dead in Rafah after Israeli missiles hit camp

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Escalation in Gaza: A Tragic Toll

In a harrowing development from the Gaza Strip, the number of fatalities resulting from Israeli airstrikes on a camp for displaced Palestinians near Rafah has escalated to 40. Mohammad al-Mughayyir, a prominent figure within the civil defense agency, conveyed the grim aftermath of the strikes: a death toll of 40 and 65 individuals injured. He described the event as a massacre carried out by the Israeli military in the refugee encampments situated northwest of Rafah city.

Recent Developments

  • Rocket Fire and Retaliation: The situation has been further exacerbated by the launch of rockets by Hamas towards Tel Aviv, marking the first such attack on the Israeli metropolis in several months.
  • Humanitarian Aid Challenges: Amidst the ongoing hostilities, aid trucks have managed to enter Gaza after weeks, even as Israeli attacks persist throughout the strip.
  • Diplomatic Stalemate: A Hamas official has dismissed the possibility of new negotiations with Israel, signaling a continuation of the deadlock.
  • Infrastructure Setbacks: The adverse weather has led to the destruction of vessels meant to support a US-built aid pier in Gaza, complicating relief efforts.

The Attack on the Safe Zone

The camp, located within what was deemed a safe zone, suffered a severe assault when at least eight missiles made impact on Sunday around 8:45 pm local time. Reports from the Wafa news agency, citing the Palestine Red Crescent Society, indicate that numerous victims were incinerated within their tents in the Tal as-Sultan sector.

The Aftermath

Al Jazeera’s Sanad fact-checking unit reported that the Brix camp, situated to the west of Rafah city, was the focal point of the attacks. An aerial image captured on May 24th displayed an expanse of tents, alarmingly close to a UNRWA storage facility. Following the rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, the Israeli military initiated a ground assault in the Rafah region, despite the International Court of Justice’s directive to cease operations.

The Israeli forces claimed precision in their airstrike on a Hamas compound in Rafah, which purportedly resulted in the elimination of Hamas’s West Bank chief of staff and another high-ranking official implicated in lethal assaults on Israelis. The military acknowledged the possibility of civilian casualties and stated that the incident was under investigation.

Humanitarian Response

The offensive led to an extensive blaze, which was eventually subdued by the Palestinian Civil Defence after approximately 45 minutes. The International Committee of the Red Cross reported a surge of casualties at its Rafah field hospital, with other medical facilities also admitting numerous patients. Eyewitness accounts from the Kuwaiti Hospital in Rafah described the horrific scene where tents and individuals were essentially melting due to the intensity of the fires.

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