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Morocco’s win over Portugal celebrated among the Muslim world as a symbol of brotherhood

The victory of Morocco over the Portugal is being celebrated across the Muslim world as a mark of brotherhood.
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RABAT/DOHA, Dec 10, Moroccan soccer fans exploded in joy on Saturday as their team became the first from any African country to reach a World Cup semi-final. The fans filled the stadium in Qatar with a deafening roar and unleashed cheering, crying, dancing and singing on the streets at home.

The 1-0 victory over Portugal was celebrated further afield, with exuberant fans from Abidjan in Ivory Coast to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia lauding what they saw as a historic win for Africa and the Arab World.

The victory is primarily celebrated in Africa, followed by the Arab and Muslim world. Muslim countries across the globe cheered the Moroccan team on their hard-fought victory. Morocco’s win over Portugal is being celebrated among the Muslim world as a symbol of brotherhood.

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