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In our vision for Pakistan, we aspire to provide policy and operational support to make Pakistan a functional REPUBLIC where every individual or community can exercise rights, receive justice and engage in effective governance.

At the core of our mission is offering legislative, administrative, and structural support to the public and private institutions. We actively work on reforming legal, administrative and operational systems and raising awareness and advocacy for human rights, social security services and civic participation with a specific focus on marginalized communities.

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Our Core Objectives

  1. To provide legal, administrative and structural policy support and assistance to organizations.
  2. To conduct research surveys and investigations for data collection and analysis.
  3. To create awareness and develop advocacy for the rule of law, governance, politics, community development, human rights, social security services and public administration.
  4. To advocate reforms for legal, administrative and structural domains of community and public life.
  5. To develop projects and schemes for the marginalized communities in Pakistan
  6. To enter into collaboration with national and international partners for common good.


Conducting Surveys


Workshops and Training

Capacity Building
Knowledge Sharing

Research and Analysis

Civil Services Reforms
Police Reforms
Rigorous Research
Recommendations for Policy-making

Reports and Publications

Progressive Learning
Research Findings
Evidence-based Insights

Why Partner with Republic Policy?

There are many reasons why you should partner with Republic Policy. Here are just a few:

  • We are setting high standards in legislative, executive, and governance reforms.
  • Expanding our reach to provide aid clinics in more districts.
  • Making legal knowledge accessible through online courses.
  • Conducting in-depth research on critical issues.
  • Publishing influential materials for diverse audiences.
  • Strengthening our network and forging strategic partnerships.
  • Innovative campaigns for legal and societal awareness.

Our organization is supported by English and Urdu newspapers, monthly English and Urdu magazines, and a video channel to create awareness and advocacy for our objectives.


Donate to charity causes around the world

Save the poor children from hunger

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia

Save the poor children from hunger

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia

Save the poor children from hunger

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia

Save the poor children from hunger

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia

Our Projects

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Our Partners & their Feedbacks

Ahmad Iqbal DEHLEEZ

Republic Policy is truly one of Pakistan's most influential and impactful organizations. They tirelessly promote civic education, monitor elections, advocate for legal reforms, provide legal aid to marginalized groups, and expose corruption and human rights violations. Their strong voice in governance, law, politics, civil services, and community development is commendable.

Noman Khan Wazir Association of Administrative Federalism

Republic Policy's extensive research and surveys on key aspects of Pakistan's political landscape are invaluable. Their reports and policy briefs provide valuable insights and recommendations for policymakers and civil society. They are a trusted source of information for anyone interested in the country's development.

Sarmad Saeed Khan Retired IG Police

As someone who has benefited from Republic Policy's legal aid services, I can attest to the impact they have on the lives of individuals and organizations in need. They not only provide representation but also empower people with knowledge about their rights and the legal system.

Tariq Mahmood Secretary Human Rights

Republic Policy's focus on marginalized communities, including women and minorities, is crucial for building an inclusive democracy. Their advocacy work and community participation frameworks are paving the way for a more equitable Pakistan.

Irfan Khan Mehsud PMS officers Association KPK

Republic Policy's work in the field of civil services is praiseworthy. Their emphasis on ethics, professionalism, and merit-based reforms is essential for creating a more efficient and accountable bureaucracy.

Gilgit-Baltistan Civil Service Association (GBCSA)

Republic Policy's collaboration with national and international partners showcases their dedication to learning and sharing best practices. This commitment to collaboration is a testament to their vision of building a better Pakistan through global cooperation.

PMS officers Association Sindh

Republic Policy's initiatives in the education and health focus area are crucial for the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Their advocacy for improved education and healthcare services reflects their commitment to building a prosperous and healthy society.

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    How Can We Partner?

    We are open to exploring all kinds of partnerships. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!