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Organizing Youth Bulge in Pakistan

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The population of Pakistan is dominated by the youth. The bulge can be great human resource potency if educated, trained, and provided with skills. The role of the state and society in organizing the talent of youth is instrumental. However, unfortunately, the focus of the state and society is insufficiently lacking in re-shaping the human resource of youth. This is alienating the youth from both the state and society. The major problematic area for youth is their unskilled orientation of education. The provision of skills by the state is indispensable for the smooth regulation of youth. There is a dire need to re-vamp the education system to meet modern technological compulsions. The skill-oriented education will only provide the youth with paramount career and job opportunities. Furthermore, skill-based education will make the youth better farmers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and developers.

We live in a competitive world not only within Pakistan but also outside Pakistan. The competitiveness requires urgent overhauling of the system. Youth empowerment is also significantly essential for social, economic, and political growth. Our political endorsement shall remain un-representative until voted by youth. Therefore, their role in political representation is vital. The fundamental challenge to youth is their employment after education and it is the primary responsibility of the state to provide it. The worst side for the state and society is to alienate the youth to participate in national life. Our youth is socially, economically, and politically alienated and this shall obstruct both state and society.
There is a need to assimilate youth empowerment and growth in the processes of legislation, policy-making, and implementation. Youth welfare needs to be prioritized among all compartments of state and society.

Hence, the state should prioritize the national policies in favor of youth in realms of professional education, provision of national life, and a better socio-political role. The youth bulge is a great asset and this can be instrumental in building the state. There is complete convergence that the nations are directly dependent upon the quality of the youth in terms of ensuring skillful growth and providing proficiency and development. Youth development must reflect in our legislation, economic resource mobilization, and fabricating economic dispensations.

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