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Paaro Khanzadi; a proud transgender person in Pakistani society

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LAHORE – Despite knowing the facts about the transgender community, Pakistani society and culture misprize them on so many levels. A decade ago, transgender people could be seen only at traffic signals or begging somewhere, which builds a narrative in society. To change this narrative, the only way was to prove themselves as a big part of this culture. Paaro Khanzadi is one of those brave personalities who decided to make their submissive identity in this hypocritical society and also became successful in this cause.

Paaro Khanzadi is a professional dancer, model, and actress from Sargodha, Punjab. The journey of identification of uniqueness and coping with society and culture is the same for every transgender person all over Pakistan. Paaro Khanzadi is also one of them, who went through every possible worst situation and behaviour from her family and friends but now she is a top dancer and recognized all over Pakistan having a massive fan following.

Artists like Paaro Khanzadi are keeping alive the traditional culture of dance at weddings and other celebrations in Punjab. The culture, which is neglected and misprized due to the involvement of the transgender community in this, now has a good point of view because of these positiveminded and talented transgender people. Paaro Khanzadi recognised her passion for dance in 2011 when she used to savor her dancing artistry at local functions and weddings.

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