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Pakistan Extends Invitation to Chinese Entrepreneurs for Lucrative Investment Opportunities

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Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar recently addressed a gathering of distinguished Chinese and Pakistani businessmen, extending an invitation to Chinese entrepreneurs to capitalize on Pakistan’s burgeoning investment landscape. Emphasizing the competitive advantage that Pakistan offers, particularly in labour-intensive sectors such as agriculture, textiles, mining, and information technology, Dar highlighted the government’s economic reforms agenda, which presents a multitude of lucrative opportunities for Chinese investors.

Strategic Geographic Location and Investment Initiatives

Dar underscored Pakistan’s strategic location at the crossroads of Central Asia, Southeast, and the Middle East, portraying it as an ideal gateway for export-oriented industries. He stressed the expedited construction of special economic zones and the provision of enticing incentives for industrial establishment as key initiatives. Moreover, he identified 13 key sectors ripe for investment, offering substantial potential for Chinese and Pakistani entrepreneurs to collaborate.

Value Addition, Market Diversification, and Security Assurance

The importance of value addition and market diversification was emphasized by Dar, who urged Chinese companies to leverage Pakistan’s preferential access to major global economies. He also assured the safety of Chinese citizens and institutions in Pakistan, reaffirming the government’s commitment to promptly addressing security concerns. The role of the newly formed Special Investment Facilitation Council, aimed at streamlining investment procedures and providing comprehensive support to foreign investors, was underscored as well.

Commitment to Facilitating Bilateral Investment

In his welcome address, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Khalil Hashmi, reiterated the embassy’s commitment to facilitating bilateral investment. He emphasized the identification of 13 sectors ripe for investment, aimed at enhancing Pakistan’s productive capacity and fostering export-oriented industries.

Growing Interest in Bilateral Business Cooperation

The Pakistan-China Business Roundtable Conference witnessed a notable turnout of Chinese companies, reflecting the growing interest in bilateral business cooperation. Representatives from prominent associations and organizations, including the China Association for the Promotion of International Agriculture Cooperation and the China National Association for the Grain Sector, were present, highlighting the eagerness to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Overall, the event served as a platform to showcase the vast investment potential in Pakistan and to strengthen the economic ties between China and Pakistan.

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