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Pakistan has Sufficient Resources of Water: Chairman WAPDA

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Water is a fundamental ingredient for survival, and its importance in human development cannot be overemphasized. Fortunately, Pakistan has been blessed with an abundance of water resources, and it is now up to us to utilize them efficiently to improve the welfare of our people and the country. The Chairman of Wapda, Engr Lt Gen (retd) Sajjad Ghani, made this point in his message on World Water Day.

Since its establishment in 1958, Wapda has played a crucial role in national development by harnessing water resources. The organization is committed to ensuring Pakistan’s water, food, and energy security. Wapda is currently implementing a massive development portfolio that includes eight mega-projects, which are poised to revolutionize the economic landscape of the country by providing much-needed water and affordable hydel electricity.

The under-construction projects, including the Diamer Basha Dam, Mohmand Dam, Dasu Hydropower Project, Tarbela 5th Extension, Kurram Tangi Dam Stage 1, Nai Gaj Dam, Kachhi Canal Extension, and Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme (K-IV), are scheduled to be completed in phases from 2024 to 2029. They will add an impressive 9.7 million acre feet (MAF) to Pakistan’s gross water storage, which will be sufficient to irrigate an additional 3.9 million acres of land. Also, the projects will provide 950 million gallons per day of drinking water to Karachi and Peshawar.

Furthermore, these projects will double Wapda’s hydel generation from 9,500 MW to 19,500 MW in the next four to five years, with the addition of about 10,000 MW of clean, green, and low-cost hydel electricity. This will not only contribute to energy security but also reduce Pakistan’s carbon footprint, making it more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, it is crucial to harness Pakistan’s abundant water resources effectively to ensure the country’s development and the welfare of its people. Wapda’s efforts in implementing these mega-projects are commendable, and we should support them in every way possible to achieve our national goals.

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