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Pakistan, Singapore Creators Develop first AI-generated Series on Prophet Muhammad’s life SAW

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The first-ever AI-generated web series on the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been developed by content creators and producers from Pakistan and Singapore, aiming to transcend the traditional constraints of cost, time, and conceptualization. Titled ‘Muhammad: The Mercy for the Multiverse,’ the series is a collaboration between Qalbox at MuslimPro and Qur’anscape, which provides online spiritual education. The series is an animated depiction of Prophet Muhammad’s life, exploring pre-prophethood milestones, post-revelation challenges, and the compassionate essence of Muhammad. Notably, the series does not include visual images of the prophet.

The project team spread across Singapore, the US, UK, and Pakistan, with the bulk of technical work taking place in Pakistan. The screenwriter of the series is Fatimah Sattar from Lahore, while the show has been produced by Abbas Arslan, the CEO of Qur’anscape. The series has been directed by Emad Khalid, the co-founder of Lahore-based Prompt Media Lab content creation agency, and the executive producer is Junaidah Bte Said Khan, the Singapore-based head of Qalbox.

The team chose AI for the series because they wanted to pioneer the use of Generative AI in telling deeply meaningful stories. Generative AI offers unique advantages, such as quickly transforming human ideas into reality, making it crucial for delivering these projects efficiently and effectively. The project team leveraged AI image generation tools to bring the screenplay to life, then animated the images into cohesive video sequences while generating character voices using AI.

The show has ten episodes, out of which two have been released on Qalbox by MuslimPro. The remaining episodes will be released during Ramadan. The feedback for the series has been overwhelmingly positive, and marketing and promotional efforts have resulted in the show becoming one of Qalbox’s top-performing shows. The series has been particularly well-received in countries such as the US, France, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Malaysia. The positive feedback on social media, with viewers sharing the series with family and friends, further underscores its impact and reach.

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