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Pakistan strongly criticized India’s seizure of commercial goods.

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Pakistan strongly criticized India’s seizure of commercial goods. A spokesperson for Pakistan’s Foreign Office, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, explained that the seized equipment was simply a lathe machine destined for a Karachi-based company that supplies parts to Pakistan’s auto industry.

Ms. Baloch emphasized that the specifications of the machine clearly showed it was for commercial use only. The transaction was also being conducted transparently, using established banking channels and with all necessary documentation.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office argued that India’s seizure disrupts free trade and highlights the dangers of countries acting as self-appointed enforcers, especially when their own record is questionable. Ms. Baloch further criticized India for its growing disregard for international norms and its willingness to take arbitrary actions that violate international law.

The Foreign Office also dismissed reports suggesting the cargo contained military equipment, calling them misrepresentations by the Indian media. They added that the relevant Pakistani company is taking legal action to challenge this unjustified seizure.

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