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Pakistan’s foreign secretary forges stronger bond with China

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Islamabad: Pakistan’s top diplomat, Dr Asad Majeed Khan, touched down in China on Thursday to hold talks with his Chinese counterpart aimed at bolstering the strategic partnership between the two nations, according to The Republic Policy News. Dr Khan is also expected to address Pakistan’s financial struggles and hold talks with other Chinese officials on matters of mutual concern.

Sources suggest that the Foreign Secretary will meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang on Friday to explore ways to further strengthen the already robust bilateral relationship.

Furthermore, political talks between Pakistan and China, co-chaired by Dr Khan and Vice Foreign Minister of China Sun Weidong, will also take place.

As Pakistan faces deepening economic woes, urgent financial assistance is needed to prevent a complete financial collapse. To this end, a Chinese bank has reportedly assured Pakistan of providing a refinanced loan of $500 million within the next few days.

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