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Pakistan’s internet ‘among the slowest’ in world: report

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KARACHI: Pakistan has one of the lowest internet speeds in the world, while a huge chunk of the population still lacks access to the internet, said a new report on the country’s digital landscape and human rights on Monday.
The report prepared by Bytes for All, Pakistan, a prominent digital rights organisation, stated that while Pakistan has made some gains in terms of internet access and overall governance, there was still a lot more to be desired as the country remained among the worst performers, even within Asia.
Despite increased internet penetration, around 15 per cent of the population has no access to internet and telecom services, while the rest suffers through slow speeds and erratic service, said the report titled ‘Internet Landscape Report 2022’
As of December 2022, Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index saw Pakistan ranked 118 out of 141 countries in mobile internet speed and 150 out of 178 countries for fixed broadband speed, with an average speed of 10.15-15.5Mbps, according to a press release.

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