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Pakistan’s Timid Batting Leaves Former Players and Fans Furious After Loss to Rival India

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Pakistan’s disappointing performance in the recent Twenty20 World Cup has left former cricketers and fans seething. The team narrowly lost by six runs to rival India in a crucial match at the tournament in New York. With a second consecutive defeat in Group A, Pakistan now faces the risk of not advancing to the Super 8 stage of the competition, which the U.S. and the West Indies are co-hosting.

The United States, competing in the World Cup for the first time, had already made history by beating Pakistan in a Super Over after both teams were tied at 159 runs in the regular 20-over game. With only two teams from each of the four groups progressing to the next stage, Pakistan now must win its upcoming matches against Canada and Ireland while also relying on results from other group games to favour its advancement.

Reacting to Pakistan’s performance, former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar expressed his frustration, highlighting the team’s struggles. He criticized the players, expressing his doubts about the team’s potential for improvement in the future and questioning the International Cricket Council about the nature of the pitches in New York where the low-scoring matches have been held. He urged the ICC to address the issue.

Following Pakistan’s loss to India, the team received further criticism from former cricketers and fans for their lacklustre batting performance. The disappointment was evident in the headlines of English daily newspapers, further emphasizing the frustration felt across the country.

Despite the disappointment, thousands of cricket enthusiasts had gathered in various cities in Pakistan to watch the high-stakes contest between the longtime rivals. However, the team’s lacklustre performance left fans disheartened and calling for significant changes in the team to overcome its persistent shortcomings.

The defeat against India has sparked widespread discontent among fans, with many voicing their disappointment and calling for a major overhaul in the team’s batting lineup. The match not only drew glum reactions from cricket fans but also raised questions about the team’s strategy and individual players’ performances.

As the tournament progresses, the pressure is mounting on Pakistan’s team as they seek to redeem themselves and secure their spot in the next stage of the competition. The team’s response to this setback will be crucial in determining their fate in the remainder of the tournament.

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