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PIDE organizes EconFest at Lahore

PIDE organizes an on the economy, governance and reforms in Lahore. Experts from all walks of life interacted with audience to share their knowledge.
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Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), in collaboration with Research for Social Transformation & Advancement (RASTA) and the public society for developmental economics PSDE organized #Econfest at Alhamra (Lahore Art Council), Lahore. The event aimed to share, debate and discuss the significant matters of economy, governance, planning, civil services and how to reform Pakistan.

The was held on 11th and 12th March 2023, covering almost all aspects of politics, economy and governance. The subjects like public policy, urban development, sprawling cities, constitutional reforms, the automobile industry, social protection, technology for change, internet for all, technological revolution, and so many others were discussed at length by more than a hundred experts from all spheres of life.

The event organized interactive sessions between speakers and students from various universities, and the students got to interact with the country’s leading professionals. Dr Nadeem ul Haq, the event’s chief organizer, praised his team for organizing a successful event. He further said that these events are a cornerstone for initiating a debate to reform Pakistan. According to him, the existing socio-political system has ceased to deliver, and there is a dire need to reform and restructure the whole system of governance.

Hundreds and thousands of students and citizens participated in the different debate sessions of the event. Amid political and governance tensions, these events are important to guide the political executive and policy implementers to take required feedback and incorporate it into the business of public and private organizations.

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