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PML-N Launches Campaign in Okara, Maryam Takes Aim at PTI

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Maryam Nawaz, PML-N Vice President, ignited the party’s election campaign in Okara with fiery remarks aimed at PTI. Just four days after finalizing ticket distribution and amidst criticism over delays, the PML-N officially kicked off its February 8th election bid.

Maryam lambasted PTI, denying its claim to a “bat” symbol. “Their true symbol is a baton,” she declared, referencing violence allegedly caused by PTI workers and their attack on military installations in May 2023. Doubting Imran Khan’s injuries from the Wazirabad attack, she mocked his use of casts and wheelchairs.

She further criticized Khan’s Toshakhana case conviction, stating, “The man who called everyone thieves couldn’t even leave a watch.” She deemed a stolen watch a more fitting symbol for him.

Regarding the withdrawn PTI symbol, Maryam saw it as justice for “fraudulent intra-party polls.” She declared, “Such people deserve to be lessons, not symbols.”

Finally, she vowed to end the “oppression” faced by PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, her father. Attributing it to natural law, not personal vengeance, she promised an improvement in public facilities with a stronger PML-N government.

Concluding her address in the harsh weather, Maryam expressed gratitude to the Okara residents for their loyalty and attendance.

In summary, Maryam Nawaz’s fiery campaign launch was characterized by sharp attacks on PTI, promises of a better future under the PML-N, and unwavering support for her father, Nawaz Sharif.

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