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Political drama unfolds in Turkey’s runoff race

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ANKARA: President Tayyip Erdogan’s adversaries face an arduous battle to terminate his two-decade reign over Turkey in a decisive vote on May 28 after he outperformed expectations in the initial round of voting on Sunday but fell short of an outright majority.

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Turkish citizens woke up on Monday to find Erdogan’s backing just shy of the 50% threshold required to avert a second round of the presidential election, which is seen as a verdict on his governance.Pro-government media celebrated the result, with the Yeni Safak newspaper declaring,

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“The people triumphed,” alluding to Erdogan’s People’s Alliance, which seemed to have secured a parliamentary majority, potentially granting him a vital advantage in the presidential runoff.”Our nation has unquestionably emerged as the victor,” Erdogan proclaimed in a speech to his exultant supporters at the headquarters of his ruling AK Party in the capital Ankara overnight.

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