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Poll Results to Bring Political Stability: Kakar

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Kakar’s uncertainty regarding the PML-N’s alleged “deal” with the military paints a picture of a caretaker unable to dispel concerns about his neutrality. While his hopes for the elections to break the impasse are commendable, his own impartiality remains in question. The lack of a definitive stance on the PML-N deal leaves room for speculation and further fuels accusations of bias.
His emphasis on holding the May 9th rioters accountable while avoiding collective punishment for the PTI is a cautious stance, balancing justice with political prudence. However, his silence on Imran Khan’s personal involvement and leaving the final judgment to the institutions undermines the promise of transparency. The public deserves a clearer, independent investigation without the institutions’ influence.

Kakar’s statement about accepting the people’s electoral choice demonstrates respect for democracy. However, it remains unclear how the caretaker government will ensure a level playing field in the elections themselves, given concerns about pre-arranged deals and potential military influence.
His discussion of Bugti’s perspective on Baloch separatism and the complexities of reconciliation raises questions about the government’s current approach. Acknowledging the past is crucial, but simply leaving judgment to history ignores the need for proactive action towards addressing historical grievances and finding lasting solutions.

His denial of involvement in the missing persons issue and dismissing allegations as “cheap propaganda” raises concerns about accountability. Instead of solely blaming media misconstructions, a more proactive approach to addressing families’ concerns and conducting transparent investigations is necessary. Additionally, questioning the stance of human rights organizations and the media implies a disregard for their crucial role in holding power accountable.

While some of Kakar’s statements, such as the importance of accountability and accepting the people’s electoral choice, are positive, they are overshadowed by ambiguities regarding neutrality, lack of transparency in investigations, and potential disregard for human rights concerns. To truly fulfil the role of a caretaker, Kakar needs to address these questions and demonstrate a commitment to fair elections, effective investigations, and respect for fundamental rights.

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