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Prince Harry’s Fortunes: A Comparitive Downfall

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Royal experts are having a field day poking fun at Prince Harry, likening his financial prospects to the fate of Prince William’s receding hairline.

In a candid breakdown for the Daily Mail, Ms. Moir delved into the whirlwind that has engulfed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“It’s truly baffling that their recent paparazzi fiasco in New York feels like a distant memory, given the avalanche of events that followed,” she mused.

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Their Spotify endeavor appears to mimic Prince William’s hairline trajectory (and Harry’s as well); the Netflix venture hangs in precarious balance, with reports suggesting a lack of contract renewal; every seasoned comedian has taken their turn jesting about the royal expatriates.

Even Hollywood heavyweights have targeted them, branding them ‘f****** grifters’. The California paparazzi shadow them like determined midges swarming around a fly-fishing Prince Andrew. A notable milestone, Harry’s courtroom appearance marked the first royal family member to take such a stand in over a century, reportedly leaving him teetering on the brink of tears.

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Meanwhile, a conspicuous absence of prominent figures stepping up for their defense is glaringly apparent.

How much can a duo endure? Even those flaunting opulent estates, an abundance of resources, and a retinue of staff have their limits tested in the face of such unrelenting scrutiny.

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