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Protest Fatigue of PTI workers and the Future of Imran Khan

It seems now that PTI protesters are tired and feeling protest fatigue. The proposition of holding early elections squeezes also.
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Protest fatigue occurs when protestors begin to feel disengaged and apathetic. It commonly occurs when protestors are required to protest too often, and the process becomes annoying. In direct democracies, where multiple protests occur throughout the campaign, this can prove to be a severe issue. Protestors may also lack trust in the leadership or feel their protest will not matter.

Other issues include protestors wanting to avoid taking the time out of their day to head to the protest venues and call their voice for the continuing protest. It is a prominent issue when one must wait in long lines to protest or if the demonstration takes place on a working day, as it does in the ongoing protest campaign of the former prime minister and PTI.

Since his ouster, the former prime minister began a political movement for the holding of early elections. During the campaign, he pulled extraordinary crowds in the history of Pakistan. The pre, 25th May processions were mammoth and hit the central government to the core. However, the usage of force by the federal government on the May long march cut the momentum of the protest campaign. The campaign of bye-elections in July also saw massive and colossal rallies, ultimately resulting in electoral success.

However, the crowds kept sustaining despite unknown attackers hitting IK in the leg at Wazir Abad. PTI also kept on winning bye-elections. The Pindi Jalsa on 26th November was the pinnacle of the movement, where IK announced to dislodge the provincial assemblies. It has been a long battle of protests and might be the most vociferous outburst of political demonstrations.

It seems now that PTI protesters are tired and feeling protest fatigue. The proposition of holding early elections squeezes also. Even if the parliament completes the tenure of five years, it can maximumly extend to August 2023. It is not a matter now whether elections are held in April or October 2023. It is a matter of a few months now. All surveys show that IK and PTI are on a massive roll in winning the coming elections. What they require is the patience of a few months. The dislodging of provincial assemblies is an undemocratic decision. PTI may carry on holding provincial governments elemental for coming elections. IK needs to wait a few months to come into power again. Can he wait for a few months?         

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