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PTI and 2nd tier leadership

The political parties in Pakistan are suffering from organizational crises. This crises also impact in their poor governance.
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Irrespective of the merit of the argument, former prime minister Imran Khan (IK) stands tall among all political and non-political personalities in Pakistan. IK leads a political party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) since 1996. As the name suggests, it is a justice movement, not an organizational structure. Since, 1996, absolutely naïve to politics, Khan has given PTI all what could one even imagine.

However, firing incident at Gujranwala exposes the orientation and organization of the party. PTI is known for mismanagement not only in organizing party endeavors but also doing better governance in the governments. PTI always depends upon a popular wave than organizational structures. PTI’s second-tier leadership could not manage better security arrangements despite the government in Punjab. In trials, PTI second-tier leadership, mostly electives, go into slumber and it is always the social media army of PTI that rescues not only the Party but also the narrative.

Fundamentally, PTI consists of the leader called IK and the volunteer social media army backed by the general public. The role of second-tier leadership and electives is always shadowy excluding a few. The response of PTI 2nd tier leadership is not up to the mark in the aftermath of firing incident.

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