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PTI devises a fresh plan of action ahead of PA session

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The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) devised on Tuesday a fresh plan of action as a result of the Punjab Governor’s decision to call the Punjab Assembly tomorrow.

According to the PTI’s approach, Imran Khan, the party s chairman, set December 23 for the PA s dissolution, while the PTI proposed voting on a no-trust motion against the Punjab Chief Minister, Speaker, and Deputy Speaker. The PA meeting was suspended by the Punjab Speaker till December 23.

After highlighting the no-confidence move against the Punjab CM, the PTI would dissolve the PA in accordance with its plan.
In case of the thwarting of the no-confidence motion, the PTI will advise the Punjab Governor on dissolving the PA.

On the other side, if Punjab CM Parvez Elahi declines to accept the vote of confidence during the PA session tomorrow, the PML-N will instead consider its legal and constitutional options.

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