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PTI seeks talks with establishment

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In a bid to resolve tensions, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar Khan called on Wednesday for talks with the country’s powerful stakeholders ahead of the upcoming general elections, saying the party has no quarrel with the establishment and all it wants is to be heard.

Expressing a desire to address any misunderstandings, the newly-elected PTI chairman said that the party was ready to sit across the table with the powers that be, emphasising that it wants to clear the air and establish a constructive dialogue so that the dust could finally settle down.

The plea for opening a channel of communication has come amid an ongoing standoff between the military establishment and incarcerated ex-premier Imran Khan since his ouster in April 2022. It increased at the time of the appointment of the incumbent army chief and intensified after May 9, 2023, when PTI leaders and workers allegedly attacked country’s civil and military installations.

“PTI has no issue with anyone, including establishment; PTI, Imran Khan and we have consistently been saying that the country is ours, the army is ours,” Barrister Gohar said during an interaction with journalists on Wednesday evening in the capital. He was accompanied by party’s information secretary, Raof Hassan, and other PTI officials.

The PTI chairman, who met the journalists right after his meeting with Imran Khan in Adiala Jail, shed light on different issues that the party is currently facing and, in response to different questions, reiterated that PTI seeks dialogue with the influential stakeholders.

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