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Russia Unleashes Drone Onslaught, Shakes Kyiv: Death and Chaos Reign

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In a shocking escalation, Russia launched its most extensive drone attack to date on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Sunday. The assault coincided with the city’s commemoration of its founding anniversary and claimed the lives of two individuals, leaving three others wounded.Ukraine’s Air Force successfully intercepted and downed an impressive 52 out of the 54 Iranian-manufactured drones deployed during the attack. The exact number of drones dispatched over Kyiv remains unclear, adding to the overall sense of chaos and uncertainty.

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Tragically, the aftermath of the downed drones resulted in casualties, with debris falling in various districts of the city. Two individuals lost their lives, and three sustained injuries in the process.The pre-dawn strike unfolded on the significant occasion of Kyiv Day, marking the city’s official establishment 1,541 years ago. Traditionally, this day is celebrated with vibrant street fairs, captivating live concerts, and captivating museum exhibitions. While scaled-down events were organized this year, the magnitude of the assault cast a somber shadow over the festivities.

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