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Snow Much Fun: Avalanche Claims Two Brave Skiers in Japan’s Nagano Region

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The tragic news of two skiers being caught in an avalanche in Nagano, Japan, has been confirmed by local authorities. The search for the two men took place on the east slope of Mount Hakuba Norikura and was initiated after the incident on Sunday. Although the identities of the victims have not been revealed, it has been confirmed that they were part of a group of five foreign skiers.

According to police officials, the two men were skiing off-piste separately from the rest of the group when the avalanche occurred. The remaining three skiers in the group were able to safely make it down the mountain. On Monday, the bodies of the two men were found in cardio-respiratory arrest, which is a term often used in Japan before a death can be officially confirmed by a doctor.

The area remains under a warning for snow and avalanches after a cold snap last week, which blanketed much of the region in snow. Nagano Prefecture, the host of the 1998 Winter Olympics, is a popular winter tourist destination that attracts skiers from Japan and abroad. Despite the warning, the area continues to be a favorite among tourists and winter sports enthusiasts.

It is a poignant reminder of the dangers that come with outdoor winter activities and the importance of being prepared and taking necessary safety measures. Our thoughts go out to the families and loved ones of the victims during this difficult time.

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