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“President Yoon Issues Stern Warning to North Korea at Armed Forces Day Parade”

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South Korea marked a significant military parade on Tuesday, the first in a decade, as a demonstration of its military prowess, featuring an array of armaments such as ballistic missiles and combat helicopters. This display aimed to showcase the nation’s strength and commitment in the face of North Korea’s ongoing military demonstrations.

The parade coincided with Armed Forces Day, typically a more restrained affair compared to North Korea’s grandiose exhibitions of military strength led by Kim Jong Un, which often spotlight advanced weaponry, including intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Addressing troops at Seoul Air Base, President Yoon Suk Yeol issued a stern warning to Pyongyang against employing nuclear weapons and vowed increased support for the military and defense industry.

Yoon asserted, “If North Korea resorts to nuclear weapons, the combined forces of the ROK-US alliance will respond overwhelmingly, leading to the end of its regime.” He delivered this message amidst a backdrop of rainy weather.

The Defense Ministry disclosed that this full-day event featured thousands of troops, domestically produced tanks, self-propelled artillery, attack aircraft, drones, and the participation of 300 out of the 28,500 US soldiers stationed in South Korea.

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