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Successful Bureaucrats are now the political workers of the Political Parties

The re-appointment of Tauqir Shah on contract basis as principal secretary to PM is an act of nepotism.
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The re-appointment of Tauqir Shah as principal secretary to Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif on Contract is an act of nepotism and personal discretion than merit and transparency. The superior courts have already declared the re-employment of civil servants in cadre positions is illegal and unlawful. Then, it is more frivolous because the new post has been created against the spirit of merit and law.

However, court decisions and judgements are often implemented in the corridors of administrative powers. Tauqir Shah has been close aide to incumbent Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. He was also the principal secretary to CM when Shahbaz Sharif was the chief minister of the province of Punjab. However, these re-appointments prove that the Present bureaucracy has transformed into political workers. Many bureaucratic sources claim that successful officers are only those aligned with political or bureaucratic tycoons.

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