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Bomb attack at market near Islamabad’s I-10/4 sector

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A suicide bomber blew himself up killing a policeman in Islamabad’s I-10/4 sector on Friday. According to a tweet by Islamabad police, during a regular checking a suspicious vehicle was stopped by the cops. 

As soon as the vehicle was stopped, the suicide bomber detonated the bomb triggering a huge explosion. While one policeman was killed on the spot, a few others received injuries and were rushed to a nearby hospital. 

Television footage showed mangled remains of a vehicle on fire surrounded by several security personnel. The Islamabad Police said that a major terror attack was averted. 

“Head constable Adeel Hussain was martyred in the suicide blast. Due to the timely action of Islamabad Capital Police, the city was saved from a major terrorist attack,” the Islamabad Police said in a tweet.

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