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Taliban unveils plans to make use of former foreign bases

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The Taliban plans to transform former foreign military bases into special economic zones to attract businesses, as confirmed by the acting deputy prime minister for economic affairs on Sunday.

In December, the acting commerce minister informed Reuters that the plan for converting American bases was under development and would be presented to the economic committee chaired by acting deputy PM Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, as well as the cabinet.

“After a comprehensive discussion, we have decided that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce will gradually take charge of the remaining foreign military bases to transform them into special economic zones,” stated Mullah Baradar.

He further announced that the conversion would commence with a pilot plan in Kabul and the Balkh province in the north.

Since the Taliban took control in 2021 and foreign forces withdrew following 20 years of conflict, Afghanistan’s economy has struggled, and aid agencies are warning of a severe humanitarian crisis.

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