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Teenage student crowned Miss France 2023

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Indira Ampiot, an 18-year-old communications student, was crowned Miss France 2023 on Saturday night, concluding a pageant that had sought to update its image with newly expanded eligibility criteria.

Ampiot, the reigning Miss Guadeloupe, said she was living “a waking dream” after she was given the silver and blue tiara by beauty queen Diane Leyre. During the contest, Ampiot had championed women with cancer and urged France on at the World Cup, concluding her speech with “Allez les Bleus!”

This year´s competition involved fewer eligibility requirements, which had previously restricted entry to women without children between the ages of 18 and 24 who were at least 1.70 metres (5.6 feet) tall. Now, any woman over 18 years old of any height and child-bearing status can enter. And visible tattoos were allowed for the first time.

Transgender women who have female civil status records were also permitted to compete, according to Alexia Laroche-Joubert, president of the Miss France society. (Private News Agency)

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