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Toxic gas claims 16 lives in Karachi

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A tragic event has occurred in the city of Karachi, as reports indicate that 16 individuals have recently succumbed to respiratory failure in the Keamari neighborhood. Officials have stated that the cause of this failure is believed to be due to the presence of harmful chemicals in the area.

An investigation led by Director of Health Services Karachi, Dr A Hameed Jumani, has revealed that the latest incident occurred in a slum area known as Ali Muhammad Goth, located in proximity to the city’s port.

In an interview with the private news agency, District Health Officer of Keamari, Dr Muhammad Arif, stated that deaths were reported between January 10th and 25th, with the victims ranging in age from 18 to 50. However, it is worth noting that none of the deceased were autopsied.

Dr Arif also mentioned that the area is home to a number of oil, grease, and crude iron factories, which could potentially be the source of the harmful chemicals responsible for the respiratory failure and ultimately, the deaths of these individuals.

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