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UAE President Pledges $10 Billion Investment in Pakistan

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In a significant bilateral meeting, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan reaffirmed unwavering support for Pakistan, vowing a substantial $10 billion investment across various sectors. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and President Al Nahyan discussed the breadth of bilateral relations, covering political, economic, social, cultural, and defence realms.

Prime Minister Sharif emphasized the need to bolster existing cooperation and fortify the strategic partnership, particularly in information technology, renewable energy, and tourism. He highlighted governmental initiatives aimed at fostering socio-economic stability and nurturing investor confidence. Additionally, he pledged to diligently implement investment agreements covering energy, port operations, waste management, food security, logistics, minerals, and financial services.

The leaders also discussed mutual interests, encompassing regional and global developments. Prime Minister Sharif extended an official invitation to President Al Nahyan to visit Pakistan, which was graciously accepted. The prime minister was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan, Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif, and Special Assistant to Prime Minister Syed Tariq Fatemi.

During his visit, the premier addressed the business community, emphasizing the aim to seek joint collaboration and investment that would offer mutual benefits to the UAE and Pakistan. He praised the UAE for its advancement in technology, successful infrastructure development, and visionary leadership in diversifying its economy beyond oil and gas.

Shehbaz also commended the UAE for its youth empowerment and digitalization efforts, positioning the nation as a hub for import and export. He asserted that since being re-elected, he has prioritized the promotion of technology and AI across diverse sectors such as agriculture, mining, and minerals and emphasized the significance of digital transformation and top-tier vocational training.

The roundtable conference on “”Innovate together: UAE-Pakistan Tech Collaboration”” emphasized the need for achievable goals and joint ventures to transform the economy. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif made it clear that he had broken the begging bowl, stating that no nation had ever achieved prosperity through the begging bowl or aid but through sacrifice and hard work. He emphasized the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and hard work for the prosperity of the nations.

Overall, the bilateral meeting and the prime minister’sminister’s visit underscore the commitment to strengthening UAE-Pakistan relations and fostering mutual prosperity through strategic investments and collaborations across various sectors.

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