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US Jets mobilized, but no shots taken

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Washington: Suspicious Chinese Airborne Gadget Spotted Over the Land of the Free! In a shocking turn of events, a rumored Chinese surveillance blimp has been cruising the skies of the United States for the past few days, according to official sources. This daring move by the Chinese comes just ahead of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s highly-anticipated visit to Beijing.

Despite calls to take action, military brass advised President Biden against taking the balloon down with force, as they feared the scattered pieces could pose a significant threat to the public. The Commander-in-Chief heeded their warnings and decided against it.

The balloon was intercepted and “captured” by the United States as soon as it entered their airspace and has been monitored by US military aircraft ever since, according to an anonymous official.

This latest development serves as a reminder of the extent both Beijing and Washington will go to keep tabs on each other, as tensions continue to escalate between the two world powers.

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