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Most of our writing content is regarding the identification of problems, issues & obstructions. More than 2/3 of the content is about politics based on factual disposition & subjective assumption lacking the imaginative critical analysis required for the presumption of truth.
Despite, this is a country of newspapers, channels &
politically motivated social media applications, hence all this narrative grinding hasn’t developed a single political or social value among the masses. It proves that the existing onslaught by the media machines is not substantive. Especially, the media content about governance, service delivery, law ,legislation, policy , implementation is poorly ineffective. The content is aired or written for commercial needs than educating or disseminating true facts to the masses.
Most of the content where public organizations are involved need compact improvement. Media is not all about political commentary or story telling but providing creative analytical dissemination so that people not only get authentic news but also improve their understanding on the issues.
What has been the role of Media in creating awareness among people? If people are politically incorrect , the burden remains on media, educational institutions & social organizations. Media, often claims to be the fundamental part of the government and this arises a question, where it has lived up to the expectations of responsibility attached herewith. At least, the quality of content should not be compromised.

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