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Where is the writ of a State?

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The writ of a state represents the sovereignty of the state. This cannon is a fundamental prerequisite for the implementation of the law. However, Pakistan is facing a capacity crisis in upholding the vital fundamental of defending the absolute writ of a state.

A revenue officer (Mukhtiarkar) was shot dead today while two other employees were injured during an anti-encroachment drive at Surjani Town, Karachi, where they went to get the land of Saylani Welfare Trust vacated on orders of the court.

Mukhtiarkar of Manghopir Aijaz Ali Chandio, along with mobiles of the Anti-Encroachment Cell of Sindh Government’s Board of Revenue and local police, launched an anti-encroachment drive in Surjani’s Saira Bibi Goth where ‘land mafia’ attacked them with deadly arms. Some arrests have been made as well. The anti-encroachment campaign was being conducted under his supervision when suddenly, the land grabbers occupying the land opened an indiscriminate firing at the Revenue officials. Mr. Aijaz Chandio, a seasoned Officer of the Revenue Dept, received the bullet in his chest. He was taken to the hospital, where he breathed his last.

Recently, one DSP and two SHOs of Sindh Police were shot dead in an ambush by the decoits in district Ghotki, but no action against the culprits has been taken yet. It clearly shows that the state is fast losing its writ.
Likewise, the death of an officer in firing during an anti-encroachment drive at Surjani Karachi is another example of how weaker the state has become before the criminal mafias.

Provincial Civil Services of All Pakistan, under the umbrella of All Pakistan Provincial Civil Services & PMS Officers Association (APPCSA), vehemently condemns the brutal murder of Mukhtiarkar Manghopir, Shaheed Aijaz Ali Chandio at Surjani Town Karachi by the land grabbers during the anti-encroachment operation on 14.11.2022. The Revenue Staff usually leads anti-encroachment operations under Law Enforcement Agencies’ (LEAs) security cover.

Under such prerequisite arrangements, this type of incident is a manifestation and depiction of the current prevalent scenario of the vulnerability of the officers and officials of the District Administration towards such incidents.

In this context, APPCSA believes it requires a thorough probe through a Joint Investigation Team by the Government of Sindh to explore why Shaheed Mukhtiarkar Aijaz Ali Chandio has become an easy target for such culprits/killers even in the presence of Anti-encroachment Force and LEAs. All Pakistan Provincial Civil Services & PMS Officers Association (APPCSA) demands that the culprits/killers be immediately arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible.

As a protest, tomorrow, all the provincial civil service officers in the entire of Pakistan (Four Provincial, GB, and AJK Chapters) shall record their protest in their offices along with ensuring prayers for the soul of Shaheed Aijaz Ali Chandio and shall tie a black ribbon till the culprits/killers of Shaheed Aijaz Ali Chandio are not brought to the justice.

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