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Who makes audio recordings in Pakistan? Can PTI social media volunteers counter the audio leak scandal of IK?

The recording of audio and videos in the political culture of Pakistan is not new phenomenon. Then, it hardly discredit politicians.
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Who makes audio recordings in Pakistan? Can PTI social media volunteers subvert the audio leak scandal of IK?

A story by Ayaz Qureshi

Politics in Pakistan has always been vindictive and vicious. Hence, the lowest point is the character assassination of the opponents. Sexualization of political characters has been a norm in the chequered political history in Pakistan. For the last few days, a couple of audios of the former prime minister of Ik have been released wherein he allegedly had phone sex with a female politician. Irrespective of the moral merit or reality of the audio, the concern is who makes and releases them?

Neither PTI nor IK has responded to the audio officially. However, the PTI social media volunteers are engaged in subverting the intent and purposes of the audio. Lately, PTI social media workers have successfully denied or obstructed all personal attacks on IK or PTI. Then, it is another discourse whether the allegations were factual or fabricated. Several PTI supporters and officials claim that the release of the audio is an extension of discrediting the former prime minister by the defacto forces.

Then, the opponents of PTI and IK are using the audio to their advantage by maligning the IK and PTI.

Does the question remain the same? Who makes the videos and releases them? Apparently, secretive audio or video making can not be made by private persons. It can only be done arguably by national or international public agencies. Then, why are these audio or videos made? The most explicit purpose is to discredit politicians. It further raises a question. Can it discredit the politicians in Pakistan? Historically, it has not been the case. Despite all propaganda, the parties’ voters remained engaged with their leadership as most believed it was a personal onslaught to discredit their leaders. Arguably, the audio leak shall not deter PTI voters from supporting IK and PTI.

Like always, the PTI social media workers are countering the effects of the audio leaks. They are trying their best to prove the fakeness of the audio. Earlier, they had successfully countered the vicious propaganda against IK.

Irrespective of the breach of privacy or maligning of the IK, there is still a question for IK and PTI or for all politicians. They might consider the audio fake, yet there remains a specific question. Yes, it is distasteful to leak audio or videos, then is it justifiable to trumpet morlas and establish Riast e Madina? Many people claim that these are personal things to politicians or other persons and should not deserve public criticism. Then, why do humans make moral codes in their individual and public life? Politicians are public figures, so their morality is uncompromised. It seems like a morality crisis. To begin with, audio recording and subsequent release are immoral, while committing immoral acts is unforgivable. Then, alongside moral codes, it is more significant to evaluate politicians for their performance in good governance, service delivery and development. Hence, the audio leak shall not make IK unpopular, and PTI social media team will counter it successfully.

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