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Advancing academia: US-Pakistan ties grow stronger

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Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Envoy to the US, advocated for the creation of fresh connections between the two nations in multiple arenas, including academia, research, and technology, during a recent stop at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

While speaking with the university’s students, Khan emphasized the importance of people-to-people relationships as the cornerstone of US-Pakistan ties. He emphasized that interactions between scientists, scholars, and academics from both countries have always been a vital aspect of these relationships.

Pakistan’s Consul General in New York, Ayesha Ali, joined the Ambassador on his visit.

Khan emphasized that higher education interactions between Pakistani and US institutions are a significant aspect of the overall partnership between the two nations. In light of this rich history, both governments have put a high premium on enhancing cooperation in the field of education as they map out the path ahead for this defining, standalone partnership, he said.

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